• The shortest way to design single storey buildings



The advanced and powerful solution for steel structure of single-storey buildings.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to control calculations

Modelling, load and structural analysis, technical drawing, cost estimation features are all in the same software.

It's inside MkaSteel

Be a part of the steel industry's largest branch

In today's developing world, 70% of all steel structures are single storey. This frequent construction type generally creates quite a load of work for the engineers. And we believe that they have a right to have a customized software.

Experience simplicity with advanced parametric data entry

MkaSteel includes Digital Civil Engineer which finds the newly entered parameter's affects and automatically allows for the optimal changes. DCE will not only decrease the number of mistakes and errors, it will also increase your time efficiency.

Try it out!

Our previous experiences shape our behaviours. Download the trial version, watch our one-hour training videos and gain your own experience. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us. Our expert support team will be glad to help you. We believe you will like working with our DCE.

  • The unique, 1D nesting algorithm by using spliced parts

  • The cutting plans are ready to use in seconds


The first, one dimensional nesting software that can take splices into account.

  • Importing NC1 files
  • 3D simulation with IFC
  • Optimization with the splices' profiles
  • Placing splices away from clearence holes and welded members
  • Transfering cutting plans on CAD enviroment
  • Preparing revised NC files for CNC machines

One dimensional nesting with splicing

Truthfully, all steel manufacturers aim to use most possible amount of steel in the minimum time with least amount of unusable remnants. Mergen was designed to solve these tasks.